I love exploring Indianapolis, investing my consumer dollars in local businesses, and supporting my neighbors.

This year was my first year to attend the INDIEana Handicraft Exchange. (Like them on Facebook!) The event is hosted at the Harrison Center for the Arts. (Like them on Facebook! Follow them on Twitter!)

I am so glad I went!  I loved seeing all of the artsy products, handmade by Hoosier artists. Though I loved all of the different items for sale, I fell especially in love with the book covers, journals, and other reading accessories from Conduit Press.

I was excited to discover that I don’t have to wait until next summer’s event to enjoy more of these homegrown favorites.  Now, I can purchase products all year long because they’ve got a store location, Homespun, in Irvington!  (Like them on Facebook! Follow them on Twitter!)

But, I can’t forget about all of my homegrown favorites on Mass Ave!  I especially enjoy the staff and the product selections at Silver in the City.

The staff helped me pick out the great gifts – something for an out-of-town wedding and something for a career transition.  Plus, I picked up a gift for me – one of the awesome purses made from the old Hoosier Dome – literally.  (The repurposing of the Dome materials is a project lead by the People for Urban Progress.)

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Photo taken by Jessica Journey.