One of my favorite stories that I’ve heard from Pete the Planner is how he came to write his first book.


Pete explains that he was traveling on an airplane. The guy beside him was really chatty. And Pete wasn’t trying to have a conversation with this man.


So Pete pulls out his computer and tells the man he needs to get back to work.


The man asks Pete what he’s working on.


To which Pete responds, “a book.” It was the biggest response he could think of that would hopefully get the guy to shut up.


And then Pete sat and wrote a book on that airplane ride.



…You know why I love that story?


It shows how an excuse can turn into a reason.


Pete was looking for an excuse to stop interacting with that stranger.


But it turned into a reason to create a book. And now he’s gone on to write multiple books as a nationally recognized financial expert, author, and speaker.


Here is my encouragement to you: look at whatever excuse you have. And try to turn that into a reason. Come back tomorrow to read my personal story of turning an excuse into a reason.


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