I am convinced that helping and hustling are two sides of the same coin.

I’ve been reflecting on this idea recently, especially with the launch of my business.

And then today, something happened.  A Terrible Awful kind of something.  Y’all ready for a story?

I traveled downtown for a quick morning meeting and to run an errand (picking something up for my husband).  As I went into the errand location, a woman was holding her face.  Something was wrong.  But it was unclear what.  I wasn’t looking for the inside scoop or gossip.  I was just sitting there and then chose to be present.  Because something was clearly wrong.  And people were with the woman.  And it was chaotic.  It became clear: the person had recently discovered some traumatizing news and suffered a significant physical injury in the midst of it all.  An ambulance pulled up.  A colleague of the person was clearly troubled by all that had transpired and was very concerned.  I just shared that I, too, had concern.  The colleague apologized for the drama.  I responded that I am sorry for what happened, but it was endearing to see how much the colleagues were taken care of each other.  I asked the colleague if they were close.  Yes was the response.  So I grabbed my husband’s business card (for his mental health therapy services), and told the colleague:  when the timing is right, when you have a chance to chat personally, just share this, no pressure, just an opportunity to have a safe space to talk it through.

As I walked back to my car, I couldn’t help but think…

Someone may see this as a hustle – accidental ambulance chasing.  And to some extent, it is:  I saw a need for my husband’s counseling services, and I gave a business card.

But it is really about helping.  That is the core motivation and that is the primary result:  helping.  And that is why I am in business.  Why I connect people.  Why I refer people.  Why I host meetings.  Why I serve my clients.  Why I craft personalized proposal.