Confession Time!

Months ago I realized that the mobile version of my website had some sort of issue that resulted in weird characters randomly showing up when someone visited my website from their phone.  This is a problem because 1/5 of my website visitors are mobile!

So I tried to get the issue fixed.  I did some trouble shooting myself with the back end of my wordpress site and some different plug-ins.  But the problem was not fixed.

Then I submitted a support ticket to the help desk for my website design company.  We messaged back and forth.  I tried a few things.  But I got frustrated and didn’t get to a solution.

In the meantime, I decided that I had bigger fish to fry.  I was launching my business, serving my clients, and building my brand.

So I let the problem persist for a couple months.  And at least three different people kindly shared with me that they noticed the issue.  And they were right.

After the third person told me about their issues viewing my site from their mobile device, I decided to try one last time to fix the issue.

So I logged back into the help desk for my website design company and found my support ticket.  And there was another trouble shooting suggestion that was posted weeks ago, but I hadn’t noticed.

Sure enough, the latest trouble shooting suggestion worked!  And I felt silly realizing that the solution had been sitting there for weeks.  But I hadn’t logged back in to know for myself!


*Isn’t this what life is like?

You may notice a persistent problem in your life.

And you try to fix it on your own.

And then one day you decide to go to the source and seek help.

And you ask for help.  And you ask for help again.

But it doesn’t seem to be working.

So you give up.

Until one day, somebody says something to you.

And for whatever reason, you actually pay attention.

And you go back to the source and seek help.

And sure enough, there is the solution.

And the source has had the solution for you this whole time.


*Isn’t this an encouragement and a challenge to us in our prayer life?

Bring your problem to God first.

God has the solution.

It is your responsibility to connect yourself with God to access God’s solution for you and your problem.