…Inspired by the new documentary, POM Wonderful Presents: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD.

Many nonprofits want to tap into the energy and the resources of the millennials  But, many are struggling on how to engage millennials in their cause!

To successfully engage millennials, your nonprofit needs to strengthen its brand because my generation is all too familiar with marketing.  

We grew up in the age of consumerism, product placement, and brand sponsorship.  That doesn’t make us more accepting of these promotional efforts but more sophisticated in our judgments.

How does your nonprofit convince savvy millennials to engage with your cause?  Take a hint from Apple:

The iPod provides affiliation with a well-respected brand and offers customization through skins, engravings, and playlists.  Millennials like that – strong organizational reputation, plus personalization.

Take a brand assessment – get feedback from your constituents and people that don’t really know you.  Does your nonprofit have a positive identity – one that a millennial would want to align with?  What about personal connection – how can a millennial customize their engagement?

Want a nonprofit example?  Check out Team Fox – they’ve got an awesome brand and plenty of opportunities for personalized engagement.

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Want to better understand what happens when brands get together and mingle their identities? Go see POM Wonderful Presents: THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD. I really enjoyed this movie and recommend it!

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