I love my city, and I love my sector. This Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the many opportunities that I have been provided in the Indianapolis community!  Check out all the amazing events I’ve been involved with lately:

#1 On Saturday evening, I enjoyed the Open House of Penn Arts with Reverie Estates.  These amazing folks are rebuilding Indianapolis through urban living development projects.  The apartments are affordable and gorgeous.  I am grateful for businesses committed to community development!

#2 Throughout the day on Friday, I learned lots at the Indiana Fundraising Day with the Association of Fundraising Professionals, Indiana Chapter.  A talented volunteer committee organized a full-day professional development opportunity for local fundraisers.  I am grateful for opportunities to grow and learn!

#3 Thursday night, I volunteered at the iCare Launch Party with the Marion County Commission on Youth.  This standing-room-only crowd of top business, civic, and government leaders gathered to support high school dropout prevention.  I am grateful for engaged leadership that cares about our kids’ future!

#4 On Thursday morning, I attended the Face of Hope Breakfast with the Little Red Door Cancer Agency.  Nearly 500 community members heard powerful stories of surviving and thriving.  Then, we joined together in giving to this local nonprofit.  I am grateful for local philanthropic support for important causes!

#5 Wednesday, I participated in Together We Stand” with the Baptist Ministers Alliance.  Black, white, young, and old – we all took a stand against police brutality and abuses of power.  I am grateful for fellow neighbors and friends who believe that social justice matters.

Want more details?  I was live tweeting at each event.  Check out my twitter stream!

Please leave a comment with what you are grateful for this Thanksgiving week!

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