I recently met with a bright young woman, Stephanie Bennett.  We were discussing her coursework, her internships, and her career aspirations.  Stephanie is now finishing her senior year at Hanover College, a four-year liberal arts institute of higher education.  I was so impressed by her professional progress – I really think Stephanie is going places!

The conversation with Stephanie sparked my interest in the connections between liberal arts higher education and career development.  Stephanie was pondering these things, but many students are not thinking about how their current studies will translate into a future career.

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Are you a student at a liberal arts college? Not sure what you are going to do next?  Considered about graduating and finding a job in this recession?  Tired of being asked about the utility of a liberal arts degree?

Consider a career in the nonprofit sector! Your liberal arts education is great preparation for success at a nonprofit organization.

  • Liberal arts education encourages you to explore the world.  Nonprofit organizations are a thriving component of our social world – impacting our daily lives.  Check out this video on the United States’ Nonprofit Sector!
  • Liberal arts education helps you to understand “the other. Nonprofit organizations are often working with and on behalf of vulnerable or disadvantaged persons in society:  children, criminals, domestic violence victims, and more.  There are so many causes and missions from which to choose!
  • Liberal arts education challenges you to integrate disciplines.  Nonprofit organizations’ effectiveness and efficiency improvements are dependent upon a variety of disciplines and “ways of knowing.”  The social sciences, business management, and the humanities are all relevant.
  • Liberal arts education requires you to think critically.  Nonprofit organizations must address a “double bottom line” – being both financially viable and socially beneficial.  Problem-solving and critical thinking skills are invaluable!

My liberal arts education prepared me for success in the nonprofit sector.  What about you?  What has your liberal arts education prepared you for?

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