What a breath of fresh air! Nick McCormick has managed to write a book about effective leadership that’s not corny or condescending!

McCormick’s “Lead Well and Prosper” is a quick read, making it perfect for the “I’m too busy for that” boss. Each chapters ends with to-do and don’t-do lists, making it perfect for the “I don’t read prose” boss, too! Purchase your own copy.

His concise writing style makes management problems clear and the solutions even clearer. I’m convinced that McCormick has been job-shadowing me because his workplace examples are eerily realistic.

My favorite moment in the book is actually found in the acknowledgments when McCormick expresses his gratitude for all of the managers he’s ever had, “regardless of [their] competence.” McCormick’s words resonate with me. I am a good manager today not because of good managers but because of bad managers I’ve experienced.

What about you? Have good managers or bad managers been more influential in your development as a leader? Please leave a comment with your answer!