I’m an advocate of the “good, better, best” mentality.  Sure, you are doing alright; everyone is going okay.  Just swell.

But what about amazing?  Or unbelievable!  How about extraordinary?

Don’t you want your nonprofit career to be the very best?  Wouldn’t it be cool to surprise even yourself about your professional success?

Reading How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar has empowered me to take my nonprofit career from just swell to extraordinary!  Co-authors Rosetta Thurman and Trista Harris identify the practical steps needed to achieve greater.

The good tips re-enforced some of my current strategies for career advancement.  My keep-doing-good list includes:

  • Monthly goal of minimum number of networking events
  • Request and receive informational interviews
  • Document my professional achievements
  • Serve as a nonprofit board member

The better tips encouraged me to re-think some habits that may negatively impact my career.  My do-better list includes:

  • Take my lunch hour
  • Make time for professional reflection

The best tips empowered me to invest time and energy into new, fresh ideas.  My go-for-the-best list includes:

  • Host my own networking events for my contacts
  • Initiate a “slash” or second job
  • Introduce myself to a search firm

Want to benefit from even more “good, better, best” tips?  Purchase How to Become a Nonprofit Rockstar for reinforcement, encouragement, and empowerment to advance your nonprofit career!

Already read the book?  Please leave a comment with your favorite tip!