If you are a go-getter like me, you can never get enough.  You want more opportunities, ideas, challenges, responsibilities, and achievements.

So, you pile on the special initiatives, the volunteer leadership positions, and the stretch projects. You love going above-and-beyond, pushing yourself to greater and even greater.

Still ready to push higher?

I double-dog dare you to dive head-first into blogging! Blogging is the ultimate go-getter activity.  You make the content decisions.  You determine goals.  You identify deadlines.  You hold yourself accountable.

Check out my top posts on blogging if you need more convincing that blogging is the next critical step in your professional development.

Get some inspiration!  Read posts from the Top 10 Young Nonprofit Bloggers to Watch in 2011, by Rosetta Thurman – also showcased in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.  (I’m honored to be included!)

Please leave a comment with other professional development ideas for go-getters? How do you feed the need to succeed?

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