“Go for a run.”

That is what my husband told me.

Alright. So I grabbed my shoes and my keys.  When I returned home, my husband was surprised that I had Mexican pizza (double beans, no beef).  He didn’t seem to mind though when I handed him his three supreme tacos.


Later he told me that he was referring to a run outside for exercise not a Taco Bell run.
So the next morning, I put on my running shoes, and I went to the Monon Trail for a run outside for exercise – not a Taco Bell run.  And I ran six miles.


And as I ran, I thought back to that conversation. And I laughed.  And then I realized he may have been talking about yet a different kind of run:

  • Not a Taco Bell run
  • Not an outdoor run for exercise

But a run for political office!


Because when I experience such need in the world, I am compelled to do something. And I’m so moved that I refuse to limit my options.

So I am taking what I believe and putting it into action. And I encourage you and challenge you to put your beliefs into actions, too.


Each of us has a voice, a sphere of influence, and opportunities to act.

Here is what I am doing:

  • Speaking with family, friends, and strangers about racism.
  • Posting on social media and on my website.
  • Contacting civic leaders to create a collaborative response to action in Indianapolis.
  • Communicating calls-to-action to political figures
  • Participating in community conversations and protests
  • Considering a future in political office


There is something that you can do.

There is something that the world needs you to do.

And now it is time that you do that something.