That’s how some people describe my voluntary kidney donation, but for me it wasn’t some huge important decision.  It was a simple choice.  Humbled by the overwhelming compliments, I want to highlight how many others are giving life.  There are so many unsung heroes – generous with their time and energy – giving of themselves.

1. Medical professionals providing healthcare to homeless persons:  While the average life expectancy for the general population is approximately 77 years, most homeless persons don’t live past 50!  By providing healthcare, these doctors and nurses are giving life.

2. Families who adopt children:  Children do not choose the life of foster care; children want a family and a place to call home.  Parents that adopt are giving life.

3. People who give blood:  Emergency situations arise in a moment’s notice.  A supply of blood is a critical resource.  People who donate life are giving life.

Philanthropy can take many forms.  In what other ways can a person give life?  Please a comment with your idea.

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