I am pleased to announce my most recent accomplishment in my professional development:  I have been elected as a Board Member for Trusted Mentors.  I am serving on the development and marketing committee.

Trusted Mentors leverages the power of mentoring to stabilize lives – focusing on the issues of homelessness, poverty, under-employment, and incarceration.  And, it works!  Approximately 80% of mentees remain housed, and a majority advance their employment and/or education.

Here are some great things about serving on a board of a local nonprofit organization:

  • Contributing to the success of a mission-focused organization
  • Developing new skills & refining other skills
  • Connecting with the local community in a different way
  • Networking with other professionals in various sectors and fields
  • Bringing credibility to my professional reputation

How did I come to be a Board Member?

  1. I expanded my network – by asking my mother about nonprofit executives she knows.
  2. I performed a pro-bono fundraising audit for the organization.
  3. As requested by the executive director, I reviewed grant proposals and a direct mail piece.
  4. I served on a planning committee for a special event fundraiser.
  5. Upon request, I completed an application, reviewed board requirements, completed a phone interview, and attended a board meeting.

Essentially, I demonstrated the high quality of my work process and work product, as well as showing my commitment to the nonprofit and its mission.

For great suggestions on how to begin the process of board membership, check out Rosetta Thurman‘s post, From Entry Level to Leadership:  How to Join a Nonprofit Board of Directors.

What do you think?  What are the benefits of board membership?  Also, how does one join a board?  Please leave a comment to share your story or opinion.

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