girl soccer kick

Remember Mia Hamm?  Her achievements as a female athlete rocked the sports world.  She played like a girl, and it was a good thing!

Now, it’s time for you to give like a girl!  Women, compared to men, are much more likely to get involved in the nonprofit organizations that they support.  Supporting research is available from Dr. Debra Mesch and Dr. Eleanor Brown.  Check out this blog post for details on gender differences in charitable behavior.

So, next time you think about where to send your charitable dollars, think about those organizations that you are already supporting with your time and talent.  Consider those organizations as candidates for investing your treasure.

As a volunteer, you experience the organization’s impact.  If you continue to support the nonprofit’s work through volunteerism, perhaps financial support is also of interest to you!  Charitable giving can be much more than signing a check.  Your philanthropic endeavors can be even more impactful.  Get engaged with your organization!

Strategic Tools for Social EntrepreneursInterested in learning more about more engaged forms of philanthropy?  Check out “Treating Your Donors as Investors” (Chapter 6) in Strategic Tools for Social Entrepreneurs by Kay Sprinkel Grace, San Francisco-based Organizational Consultant.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts!  How can donors get involved – beyond signing a check?

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