Monday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the Lacy Leadership Association‘s annual Get on Board event – bringing together community members seeking nonprofit board opportunities and nonprofits recruiting new members.

Hosted at Conseco Fieldhouse, the event had a strong, positive energy.  Folks were walking and talking – introducing themselves and their interests.

As a board member at Trusted Mentors, I was representing our cause of homelessness prevention and providing initial details about the board experience.  I met dozens of individuals.  To be candid, only some individuals caught my attention…

I was MOST impressed by those individuals who asked me interesting questions. Inquiries included:

  • What is the greatest challenge that your organization currently faces?
  • Describe your revenue streams.
  • What is your application process for board recruits?
  • Explain your impact as a board member.

It was clear from these individuals’ questions that they were serious about board membership.

What questions should community members be asking nonprofit boards before they consider joining? Please leave a comment with your idea!

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