I had the pleasure of sharing my “Get Paid” Success Story with the amazing attendees at the Launch Your Business Bootcamp in Atlanta, Georgia. Attendees are entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and bosses – all thriving members of the Happy Black Woman Community hosted by Rosetta Thurman.

During this brief presentation, I was able to share some of my awesome success stories of getting paid within the first 30 days of launching my business.

  • I secured a $2,500 writing contract with a statewide organization. It was so scary and so awesome to tell them my daily rate.
  • I secured my first coaching client with a $1,000 proposal. And it felt so good to send that paypal invoice.
  • I secured 3 speaking engagements; and 2 of the 3 were paid! The first check is in the mailbox right now in Indianapolis. The other check is from a woman who paid out of her personal pocket for me to speak because her organizational budget was depleted. Now that is getting paid!

But during the brief presentation, I didn’t have time to tell you why I think getting paid to do what you do is so very important. There are 6 reasons that I want to share with you now. Because getting paid is about so much more than money!

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6 reasons why you need to get paid to do what you do! (Spoiler Alert: It’s about so much more than the money.)