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So…you are on a nonprofit board and are expected to help raise money for the organization, but you don’t even know where to start.  You aren’t sure what you would say to people, and you certainly don’t want to talk with your own friends about it. You want to help your organization, but you just don’t know what to do.

There are many ways that nonprofit board members can support the organization’s fundraising efforts – focusing on the organization’s cause and good work. Helping to cultivate support can involve very few direct conversations about dollars and cents.

Check out all these ways a board member can assist in fundraising activities for a nonprofit organization:

Help with prospects

  • Offer names of contacts
  • Provide information about contacts
  • Introduce contacts to the organization

Share about your own charitable giving decisions

  • To a friend, colleague, or family member
  • To a group of acquaintances or strangers

Invite others to support the organization

  • By attending a special event fundraiser
  • By providing a financial gift
  • By offering an in-kind donation

Support staff in pursuing grants

  • Review a grant proposal
  • Attend a meeting with a funder
  • Write a cover letter for a proposal

Tell donors thank you

  • By making a phone call
  • By giving a handwritten note
  • By adding a personal message to a standard letter

What others ways can board members get involved in fundraising?  Please leave a comment with how you engage board members in raising money!

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