Good enough is never enough, especially for nonprofit fundraisers.

We always have so much more that we want to do for the nonprofit causes we care so much about!

One more dollar…

One more donor…

One more decision of “yes”…

If you are like me, you want to reach fundraising greatness.  To get there, we need more ideas, more sample solicitations, more resources, and more practical advice.

All of the “more” that you want is available in:  Fundraising Rockstars.

The Fundraising Rockstars Package pulls together resources from some of my favorite fundraisers – respected speakers, authors, and consultants:

  • Mazarine Treyz
  • Pamela Grow
  • Sandy Rees
  • Desiree Adaway

The Fundraising Rockstars package focuses on key fundraising components:

  • Grant Proposals
  • Solicitations and Appeals
  • Events and Sponsorships
  • Online Fundraising

The Fundraising Rockstars package is priced at $299 – but valued at over $1,400 because it is packed with valuable learning opportunities:

  • Ready-To-Use Templates
  • Popular E-books
  • Informational Teleseminars
  • Smart phone apps
  • Insider interviews
  • Interactive Support Forum

Get all the “more” you need to reach fundraising greatness, purchase the Fundraising Rockstars package today!  The discounted rate of $299 is only available until September 30.