Much of my personal and professional life happens in coffee shops.

You see, I’m an extrovert, so I love to be around people.  So, I go to coffee shops to get my human fix for the day.  I feed off the energy of the crowd and usually chat with a couple people I know!

Plus, I manage to even get some work done on the MacBook, the iPad, or even an old fashioned notebook!  Much of my blogging happens at coffee shops, and a coffee shop experience has even inspired a blog post – Coffee Conundrum.

So, I wanted to give some shout-outs to some of my favorite locally owned coffee shops in Indy.  Feel free to add to my compilation (or even revise it) – by leaving a comment below!

Calvin Fletcher Coffee Company in Fletcher Place: Managed as a nonprofit, this unique coffee shop donates its profits and customers’ tips to a different nonprofit organization each month.  It’s a win-win-win!  The nonprofit benefits financially and benefits from increased brand awareness.  The coffee shop gets foot traffic from the nonprofit supporters.  The customers support TWO nonprofits while enjoying organic, free trade coffee.  (Like them on Facebook!)

Henry’s Coffee Bistro by the Cultural Trail: Henry’s is a tried-and-true location for some of Indianapolis’ top leaders in nonprofits, public affairs, and civic life.  Plus, it is one of the few coffee shops that I know of that has incredible food selections for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  (Follow them on Twitter!)

Earth House Cafe in Downtown Indianapolis: If you want something a little funky and different, Earth House is for you.  The Cafe is just one component of the Earth House Collective – bringing together the arts community, wellness initiatives, and other community groups in an old church building.  This is the perfect place to bring your vegetarian friends – they will have plenty of food options.  (Like them on FacebookFollow them on Twitter!)

Monon Coffee Company in Fall Creek Place: This Broad Ripple coffee shop was so popular, it had to defy its own name and take the beaten path away from the Monon Trail and start a second location in the Fall Creek area.  Monon Coffee has some of the friendliest people serving up fresh brews; they are always welcoming to the YNPN-Indy monthly coffee meeting (Join us 3rd Thursdays, 7:30-8:30am).  (Like them on FacebookFollow them on Twitter!)

Mo’Joe Coffee House in Downtown Indianapolis: The laid back atmosphere sets the mood for a relaxing coffee.  Mo’Joe’s is perfect for late afternoon, evening, and weekend meetings because they also serve beer and wine.  I enjoy my mocha, while my contact drinks a beer.  (Like them on Facebook!)

Hubbard & Cravens Coffee & Tea All Around Town: Hubbard & Cravens has multiple locations across the city.  These options are extremely helpful when planning meetings with several people from different sides of town!  You are sure to find a spot that works for everyone.  Plus, the location at 49th and Penn is expanding and soon will have larger tables for group meetings!  (Like them on Facebook!)

Why is a nonprofit professional blogging about this?  Read why and learn about even more great Indy experiences.

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