I meet so many young professionals – searching for opportunities to expand their leadership experience, improve their skills, network with other professionals, and propel their careers forward.  My peers sometime express their frustration with the limitations of their normal 9-5.  They feel stuck and are desiring greater opportunities for professional advancement and community impact.

My suggestion?  Nonprofit Board Membership! You will…

  • Become intimately involved in a completely new organization
  • Give back to your community in a distinct way
  • Learn about a critical mission
  • Meet other leaders with a common interest
  • Refine and expand your skills into new areas
  • Network with professionals in your community
  • Make an impact collectively greater than your individual ability
  • Contribute to strategic planning and decision-making

Nonprofit board membership is an incredible opportunity to make a difference both in your community and in your own professional development.

For great suggestions on how to begin the process of board membership, check out Rosetta Thurman‘s post, From Entry Level to Leadership:  How to Join a Nonprofit Board of Directors.

For even more information, check out my Top Posts about Board of Directors.

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