Office Desk

The long holiday weekend for July 4th was just what I needed.  After completing my first month at my new job, and I was ready to take some time to relax.  It has been a great opportunity to step back and think about my employment transition.  I have taken this chance to ponder this fresh start and figure out how I can work even more effectively.

Starting at a new nonprofit organization requires learning a lot – very quickly!  There are some key topics to be shared initially with new employees.

  1. Mission & Vision Statements:  Why does this nonprofit exist?  What is on the “to-do” list and the “not-to-do” list?
  2. The Case:  Why do others support the nonprofit?  Why should others support its work?
  3. Staff Relations:  What type and frequency of communication is used?  How do departments relay critical information?
  4. Policies & Procedures:  What expectations are set forth in an employee handbook?  How are typical workplace processes administered, like ordering office supplies, reserving meeting rooms, processing invoices, and other regular activities?

These are the topics about which I wanted to know the most when I started my job.  What do you think is most important?  Please leave a comment with your thoughts!

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