I want to give you an update AND one last chance.


First, the update:

I am still receiving questions about “Your Speaking Journey,” and I believe you have each received personal responses from me.

If you still have a question unanswered, contact me directly jessica@jessicajourney.com.


Frequently Asked Questions (in case you were wondering too!):

Q:  What is the $100 discount code?

A:  “DiscountApril2017”


Q:  What is the $100 discount for?

A:  It is $100 off an initial payment toward my Speakers Training Program. Get details here:  www.jessicajourney.com/speakingjourney


Q:  Do I have to be a public speaker already?

A:  No, you do not!  The program features private coaching so I can meet you exactly where you are.


Q:  Can I actually make money as a public speaker?

A:  Yes, you can!  Download my checklist for 12 Ways to Get Paid When Speaking.


Q:  What if being a professional speaker just isn’t part of my professional or business goals?

A:  That is okay.  Speaking is not for everybody!  But you can still take advantage of the $100 discount – if you set up a complimentary strategy session.  But you must contact me directly jessica@jessicajourney.com.


And thus the one last chance:

Because of the additional questions and interest, I have decided to extend the deadline to MIDNIGHT (eastern time zone) on Monday, May 1.  This is the extended deadline for using your $100 off discount:  “DiscountApril2017”


Option 1

Your discount can be applied when enrolling in the Speakers Training Program:  www.jessicajourney.com/speakingjourney.  To take advantage of the discount, you must make your initial payment by Midnight (eastern time zone) on Monday, May 1.


Option 2

Or, your discount can be applied to a customized coaching package that we develop together during a complimentary strategy session.  To take advantage of the discount, you must initially contact me jessica@jessicajourney.com by Midnight (eastern time zone) on Monday, May 1.  (The actual call will take place at a later date that works with both of our schedules.)


Again, if you have questions, please contact me directly jessica@jessicajourney.com.  I don’t want you to miss out.  And, I want you to be making an informed, confident decision!

Figure out your best next step now.  Monday at midnight will soon be here!