Everything I need to know about professional development, I learned by creating my own blog site.  I have been surprised by how much I have enjoyed this experience – and how much I have grown professionally because of it!  Below, I share the three most important lessons learned.  Interested in more?  Check out my prior post on the Top 5 Reasons for Starting a Blog.

  1. Listening is better than talking.  With my blog, I have learned that I should be spending twice as much time reading other blogs than writing my own.  Reading about others’ thoughts inspires new ideas for me and helps me know about what others are curious.  In my professional development, I should be listening to other nonprofit professionals two times more than expressing my viewpoints.
  2. Knowing what’s going on matters.  With my blog, I have learned what others are talking about (and not talking about).  I have learned about great opportunities that I otherwise wouldn’t have.  In my professional development, knowing the latest news in my local community, my sector, and the globe helps me network more effectively and work more intelligently.
  3. We are better together than we are apart.  With my blog, I am much more engaged when I am writing posts in response to others’ blogs or when I am commenting on another’s post.  In my professional development, my achievements are much greater in collaborative projects than independent work.  Leveraging respective strengths produces much greater results than one could do alone.

Please leave a comment with what you have learned by blogging (or reading others’ blogs).

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