Spoiler Alert: This is either the MOST important or the LEAST important thing you will read all week.

This may be the MOST important if you have been sitting on a goal, avoiding your calling, or killing your own dream.

I get it. It happens. No judgment – I promise.

Somewhere between paying the bills, dropping the kids off, or taking out the trash….you lost track of the bigger picture. You forgot about that crazy idea. You ignored that internal stirring for something more, something different, something new.

And so you put it off. Delayed a month. Then a year. And a year turned into years. “When my life settles down, I will…”

But I am here to tell you: Life never settles down. And if something matters to you, it’s up to you to make it happen. And “now” is really your only promised chance to make it happen.

And that is why this might be the MOST important thing you read. This just may be the reminder that you need to do what you have always known you’ve wanted to do.

Launch your business, change careers, get a job that fits your life, write a book, or even become a professional speaker.

Whatever it is. Go for it. And don’t delay.

And if your calling or dream is a particular goal that you have for your career or business, email jessica@jessicajourney.com and tell me your goal!

I love working with high-achievers to accelerate their success in career or business. But you’ve got to share your dream with me.

What if you don’t have a goal, a dream, or a particular calling? Then this isn’t for you. And this just became the LEAST important thing you’ve read.

But if you are ready to work to make your goal a reality, let’s talk.  Email jessica@jessicajourney.com, tell me your goal, and let’s schedule a complimentary strategy session!


P.S. Why am I bugging you now? Because I want you to benefit from this month’s special discount code ($100 off). But I need to hear from you THIS WEEK. Take action.

P.P.S. Seriously. Tell me your goal! Don’t leave me hanging…