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Fellow nonprofit board members:  You drag your feet the whole time.  You arrive late.  You leave early.  Why would you stay one more minute in that meeting?  You are bored and uninterested in the proceedings!

Believe me – I feel your pain!  But what is there to do about this tiresome situation?

I recommend checking out the great resources available at Boardsource.  Some information is offered for free.  For example, check out these answers to Frequently Asked Questions about board meetings, committees, and structures.  You will find helpful ideas on improving the effectiveness of your meetings.

Boardsource also provides quality publications.  For example, this publication offers a toolkit for nonprofit boards on conducting a KPAWN Session.  Facilitating a candid conversation through difficult issues, the executive leadership discusses what “Keeps the President Awake at Night.”

To implement some of these great ideas, you will need to solicit support from other board members.  They need to see the importance of becoming more intentional about designing the board meetings.  I suggest you share the following mathematical equation:

  1. Estimate the average salary of your board members.
  2. Convert this average salary into an hourly rate.
  3. Multiple this hourly rate by the number of board members.
  4. Multiple this group hourly rate by the length (in hours) of the board meeting.

The final answer is the financial value of the board meeting, quantifying the time and talent of everyone sitting around the table. If this money were presented in a big check, we wouldn’t throw it away.  So, why do we throw away the value of our boards at the regular meetings?

Fellow nonprofit board members, I encourage you to speak up about the quality of your meetings.  If they need improvements, make a suggestion.  If there are things going well, be sure to acknowledge the positive, too!

Please leave a comment with your favorite resource for nonprofit boards.  Where do you go to find answers to the difficult issues facing nonprofit boards?

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