What an energetic and engaging presentation! I’m so glad I attended: “Engaging and Cultivating Donors of Color” with Marybeth Gasman and Nelson Bowman, III.

Diversity matters! It’s not just about the growing demographics – fundraisers must focus on the nuances of donor preferences across diverse cultural backgrounds.

African American Philanthropy is often community-based:
Emergency assistance to friends/family 
Faith-based communities
Education and student scholarships
Causes of civil rights
Health issues that disproportionally affect African Americans

Asian American Philanthropy is focused on compassion and connections:
Obligatory giving to friends/family
Care for the elderly
Commitment to education

Latino Philanthropy requires credibility and cultural-competence:
Emergency assistance to friends/family
Extreme poverty
Support of the Catholic Church
Engagement in human rights

Native American Philanthropy is a way of life:
In-group support to tribal organizations
Giving to rehabilitation services for their community
Commitment to cultural preservation

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