Wow, we hear that a lot in nonprofit organizations! “We do more with less.”

I am so glad that our sector is concerned with being good stewards of resources, especially when finances often represent donors’ dollars (in the form of a charitable gift) or taxpayers’ money (in the form of a government grant).

I am also glad that we strive for efficiency and effectiveness in achieving our mission-oriented work.

What concerns me about “doing more with less” is the impact on the human lives intimately involved in leading the nonprofit organizations.

Are we setting unrealistic expectations for employees? Are we creating a culture that perpetuates miserable, long work days and no sense of balance with a personal life?

Blow Candle

I can’t help but think that the penny-pinching mentality of some nonprofit organizations causes huge dollar losses for those same organizations because of staff burn-out and turn-over.

I would love your thoughts!

Are nonprofit employees bearing the brunt of “doing more with less?”  Please leave a comment explaining your perspective and relevant experience.

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