“We believe that the nonprofit sector workforce itself will be better and create enduring change if it is appropriately representative of the ethnic/racial diversity of the communities being served, and that diversity should be appropriately distributed throughout an organization for maximum benefit.”

I couldn’t agree more with this excerpt from the Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Compact from American Humanics. It is more than just a document (gathering dust on the desk). It is a call to action for nonprofit organizations, and it is aimed at accountability.

The Workforce Diversity and Inclusion Compact outlines the management procedures necessary for effective diversity policy. The organization for which you work or volunteer can be the next to join the list of other committed nonprofits, like the YMCA and Girls, Inc.

My recommendation moving forward…Continue to expand the compact to include additional measures of diversity beyond race and ethnicity, like: gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, religion, age, abilities, etc.

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