The only difference between an idea and reality is a decision.

Let me say that again:

The only difference between an idea and a reality is a decision.

Literally, the ONLY thing you need to do to make something happen is to decide.


That’s what happened to me.

I wanted fresh headshots.  It was on my to do list.  But I hadn’t decided it was a priority.  I hadn’t chosen to move forward.

Until one moment, when I simply decided to make fresh headshots a priority.

That’s it.  No magical formula.  No confusing process.

Just a decision.

In a moment.

And then I asked the nearest photographer I could find that evening, booked for the very next morning, did laundry so I had something clean to wear, showed up, smiled, had fun, and paid my photographer.

Now I have fresh headshots.  That show off my new hair cut, reflect my personality, and work on all of my online accounts.

Awesome, right?

And all I had to do was decide.

What do YOU need to decide?

What decisions have you stuck?

Don’t delay.



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