Ever wonder what the deal is about Twitter?  What value is there in 140 characters?  Why do people seem obsessed?  Is there meaning or usefulness in Twitter activity?

My fellow nonprofit tweep, @SocialNicole, can help answer that question for you.  She uses a free tool, Paper.Li, to prepare and package a daily delivery of top tweets – showcasing the great social media resources available regularly through Twitter.

According to @SocialNicole, Paper.Li is easy to use.  You “simply enter in the list, hashtag, or category of interest.” Then, the paper automatically updates everyday.  “It takes no time at all.”

Other folks can access the daily electronic paper through auto-updates on Twitter or through an email subscription.  So, everyone else benefits, too, from this aggregated information.  Now, that is what I call useful…a daily delivery of relevant resources!

“I love the concept and have found it is a good way to connect with people and give people information, says @SocialNicole, author of The socialmedia Daily Paper.

What Twitter daily papers do you enjoy reading?  Please leave a comment with your favorite!

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