I love bringing together like-minded people.  I love making sure everyone is included.  And I love empowering people to learn and to grow.

And, these are some of my key areas of strength (according to a fancy self assessment tool called Strength Finder 2.0):  connecting, including, developing.

But enough about me.  This is about YOU.

If you are a business owner and want to get connected with like-minded people, desire to be included in a group, and want to develop yourself and your business…then I want to invite you to business mastermind membership!

My friend and colleague Carmen Knowles and I are planning to create a business mastermind, but only if people want it and only how people want it.

So if you are interested, please click now to access the form and submit your preferences.  We want to know what YOU want.

Please know that the form does not save until you click submit.  Then a pop up window will offer you a link to go back and revise.  So, if you are unable to complete the form all in one setting:  click submit, save the link, and re-access using the link.

WARNING:  The form is long.  It is intended for individuals who are business owners and seriously interested in committing and investing in a business mastermind experience.