Because Facebook rolled out during my college years, it is just a regular part of my life. Nothing life-altering or earth-shattering about it.

I don’t even blink an eye while others outcry in response to changes on Facebook. See, I remember the real change on Facebook that actually changed everything – the ability to create an account without a university email address. Now that was a big deal.

My point is simply this… Facebook lost its flair a long time ago for me.

But I still chose to manage a Facebook Fanpage for my blog. Why?

Because it is still driving great traffic to my site, gives me decent information about my fans, and is easy to update.

So I would encourage you to not make marketing decisions based on your feelings but on actual information.

What about you? Do you manage a Facebook Fanpage for your blog? Is it worth the hype for you? Leave a comment with what you’ve decided to do!

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