Recently, I conducted a nonscientific nonprofit poll on Twitter.  I asked, “Do nonprofit organizations compete or collaborate more?”  Continue reading to discover what fellow nonprofit professionals answered:

@ainsandalexdad:  COMPETE.

@fleuredeflorida:  Compete, sadly.

@jeffstanger:  Sadly, it seems it’s been more compete lately.

@cheritatweets:  Right now I’d say compete. Hopefully that’ll change.

@PhilanthropyInk:  Compete (unfortunately). Collaboration is key to success.

@agnesvishnevkin:  I think (& hope) they collaborate more!

@Debra_Michaels:  The good ones realize the need to collaborate!

@cfctwo:  I think there has been a rise in collaboration since the economic downturn.

@MySahana:  So far seems like collaborate!

What an interesting mix of feedback! It seems like nonprofit professionals recognize that there are organizations acting competitively, but there is a desire for greater collaboration.

My thoughts? I suggest that we consider the many forms of collaboration:  among programs, across operations, and within fundraising.  There are many opportunities for collaboration, throughout the organization.  Don’t limit your thinking to only program collaboration.

Please leave a comment with your perspective – compete or collaborate?

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