Months ago, I wrote about a neighborhood’s disagreements about an abandoned building.  I encouraged you to support plans to use the property for a homeless shelter.  In this blog post. I asked you to sign a petitionIn another blog post, I invited you to attend an event and get involved.

The Irvington neighborhood ultimately stopped the local nonprofit, Good News Ministries, from moving forward – leaving the abandoned building still abandoned.

Now, the neighborhood has plans to demolish the building and work with a developer to create a housing development.  But, another nonprofit, Indiana Historic Landmarks, has gotten involved – due to the historic significance of the property.  A local news station covered this recent development.

What’s the moral of the story?

Nonprofits are in our communities. And nonprofits care about our communities.

Nonprofits represent various perspectives on what is best for the community. And nonprofits may disagree amongst themselves about what is best.

Nonprofits may advocate for their own perspective. And nonprofits may advocate for another’s perspective.

I am glad that nonprofits are in my neighborhood – are you?

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