As nonprofiteers, we do a great job of talking about community.  We will tell you all day long about the positive impact of our programs on our community.  We can even describe our community with stories and statistics.

But, unfortunately, sometimes we forget to live in our community, with our community, alongside our community! Efforts to be community-based can take all different forms:  from spending a full day shadowing a client from switching places with a co-worker to exploring a new neighborhood.

Being immersed in community can help you and your nonprofit:

  • Better serve your clients
  • Raise more money from local funders
  • Recruit effective board members
  • Raise greater awareness for your cause
  • Help keep you relevant

For me, I’ve recently spent lots of times in well-known (and some lesser known) places in Indianapolis – in my community, staffed by community, serving my community.  I fell back in love with my city, so I want to give some serious shout-outs in the following blog posts:

(Plus, it’s the Brickyard 400 weekend, and I want people to know Indianapolis has much more than the Speedway Track!)

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