On Thanksgiving, I had the opportunity to serve at a site for the Mozel Sanders Thanksgiving Meal.  This is, by far, the largest provision of meals served in one day in Central Indiana, orchestrated by one agency.

More than 40,000 meals were served this year – double the usual!!!

How is one agency able to perform such an incredible task?  By coordinating a community response!

Dozens of sites are involved.  Sites are churches and community organizations.  They connect with their local populations – informing those in need of the available meals.  The sites also provide the day-of volunteers.  They serve the meals on-site and deliver to people’s homes and to people on the streets.

My dream for the city of Indianapolis…Every Day is Thanksgiving.

No one should go hungry – 365 days a year.

In addition to coordinating a community response, what other strategies can alleviate the issues of hunger, poverty, and homeslessness?  Please post a comment!

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