I’m pleased to welcome you to my recently updated website!  There have been a lot of changes…I hope you enjoy it!

About a year ago, I started blogging about my experiences in the nonprofit sector.  At the time, I wasn’t sure how much time and energy I was going to invest in my blogging.  So I started with the best free blog site available: wordpress.com.

WordPress.com is great for someone starting to blog.

  1. It’s free!  You can explore blogging without a financial investment.
  2. There are lots of themes from which to choose!  You can make it your own.
  3. Detailed analytics are available! You can discover how people are visiting.

Now it’s been more than a year, and my blogging has become more than just a hobby.  My blog has become an integral part of my professional development and my personal brand.

So, I’ve transitioned to self-hosting, with considerable assistance from my husband, Eddie Journey.  I’m pleased with our vendor choices:

  1. Bluehost: no-stress website hosting
  2. ElegantThemes: affordable modern designs

With my transition to self-hosting, I’ve taken advantage of even more free services:

  1. Google Voice Widget: phone calls
  2. Creative Commons Licensing: copyright clarification
  3. WordPress.org: user-friendly infrastructure
  4. Google Analytics:  never-ending supply of statistics

So, take a look around.  Make yourself at home – stay awhile.  All of these improvements have been made to create a better experience for you!