I love blogging for many reasons, include some of the great professional benefits identified in some of my top posts about blogging.

Right now, my favorite reason for blogging is for the cathartic process.

  • In the nonprofit sector, we deal with complex issues:  fighting for a cause, pushing an agenda, addressing a critical need, and pushing for social justice.
  • In the nonprofit sector, we work with multiple constituent groups:  staff members, volunteers, board members, clients, media, watchdog organizations, partner organizations, funders, vendors, and the general public.
  • In the nonprofit sector, we address a double bottom-line:  financial planning and social impact.

That’s a lot of things for us to deal with, people to work with, and goals to address.

Blogging helps me process through it all.  I love the opportunity to think through my experiences.

Please leave a comment with why you love blogging!

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