Fellow fundraisers, have you ever tried to communicate with a donor and realized that your organization:

  • Had the wrong telephone number?
  • Made an error in recording the gift amount?
  • Incorrectly assumed the gift came from the husband not the wife?
  • Hadn’t identified the donor as a former board member?

For a fundraiser, these details are critically important.  Incorrect information can ruin a thank you call, a follow-up visit, or the entire relationship!  When fundraisers do not have access to accurate information, they are stumbling down a bumpy road – tripping and falling!

What’s the solution? A database! …that is successfully structured and maintained!

A database should:

  • Provide security and infrastructure to fundraisers
  • Serve as the hub of all planning for prospecting, cultivation, solicitation, and stewardship
  • Maintain consistent coding that is documented and explained
  • Focus on relationships and people – not dollars and cents
  • Be handled with care and attention

Do you think that a high-functioning database is necessary to succeed in fundraising?  Why or why not?  Please leave a comment with your perspective!

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