You have to be living under a rock to not realize the impact and power of the baby boomer generation.  They are everywhere, and they affect everything, from healthcare reform to multi-use urban development. 

The baby boomer generation also affects the nonprofit sector.  And, if nonprofit professionals are smart about it, that effect could be hugely positive.

Take for example, my baby boomer father.  Now in retirement, he finally has more time for leisure activities, like volunteering.  My dad is putting his many years of managerial experience to good use as a board member for two nonprofits.  My dad also is fulfilling one of his passions by helping children through three different local opportunities.  These aren’t just short-term volunteer activities; no, my father has made multi-year commitments to many of these nonprofits.

So, I encourage nonprofits to engage baby boomers as volunteers. The boomers want to stay active and engaged throughout retirement, and they offer valuable experience, skills, and knowledge.  And, remember, your organization’s volunteers are prime prospects for donor cultivation efforts!

Please leave a comment with your experience.  Have you seen successful efforts for engaging baby boomers as volunteers?

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