I recently tweeted:  “One of my new favorite activities is setting aside time to comment on others’ blogs. People are always providing such great content!”  I do love reading others’ posts and offering a quick response.

In response, Madelyn Teresa asked if I would be willing to share a list of the blogs I follow.  After emailing Madelyn my list, I realized that I could also share my favorite blogs here, too!

RSS Envelope

My list includes just a few of the blogs I follow, organized by topic.  I’ve included the link to the RSS feed because I am such an advocate for blog subscription tools, like Google Reader.

Nonprofit Fundraising

Nonprofit Career

Nonprofit Marketing

Nonprofit Human Resources

Still looking for more blogs?

Fellow nonprofit tweep, @kivilm, recently showcased some new blogs to check out.  Read Kivi’s post, New Voices:  Nonprofit Marketing and Communications Bloggers to Watch.

Recently acknowledged in the top 25 list of online influencers, Rosetta Thurman, provides an updated list for 2010.  Read Rosetta’s post, 32 Nonprofit and Philanthropy Blogs Written by People of Color.

Please leave a comment with your favorite nonprofit blog to follow!

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