I have a love-hate relationship with updating my blog.


I will go months of writing and posting, writing and posting, writing and posting.  Providing free content multiple times per week.


For some reason, my blog will fall off of my priority list.  And there will be no new content for months at a time.

So what?

I think I have decided to stop judging myself for my years of inconsistent blogging.  When I make time, I blog.  When I decide other things are more important, I do not.

Do I think not blogging is hurting my business?

Sure.  In lost opportunity.

But I also think not blogging is helping my business.

When I’m not blogging I’m doing all kinds of other work – for my clients.  And I love prioritizing my clients!

So why blog now?

Sometimes I just start bursting at the seams. And even though I have a significant client load, I’ve got to get all my ideas out!

So thanks for reading.  And I’ll be blogging for awhile.  Until I decide to take a break.  ;)


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