The room is packed, and the energy is palpable. His charisma and insights are engaging and motivating. The experience of hearing President Bill Clinton’s presentation cannot truly be captured in a blog post.

But, what the heck? …Might as well share some of the keynote with you:

President Clinton believes people give because they…
Hear a good pitch
Desire return on investment
Fulfill moral obligation
Want to feel good

Remember these reasons when you fundraise – especially because “it’s hard to ask people for money all your life,” according to President Clinton.

So, “whenever you raise a dime,” you are working toward the positive and addressing three huge problems on the state of the world as:
1. Unequal – between the rich and the poor
2. Unstable – due to political unrest
3. Unsustainable – negative impact on the earth 

In the end, fundraisers play a critical role in pressing our world forward, leveraging opportunities for positive change and reducing barriers.

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