Last Wednesday, I enjoyed attending a Small Shop Development Workshop, sponsored by the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals. Hosted by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, I learned from the University High School presenters, Chuck Webster and Jeannie Sager.

In sharing stories of donor cultivation and stewardship, both Chuck and Jeannie explained the importance of getting prospects and donors involved in the organization – beyond simply asking individuals to join a board.

Based on this presentation, here are some of ideas of how to engage donors in your organization’s work:

  • Meet clients/beneficiaries
  • Meet service providers
  • Attend an internal function
  • Serve as a speaker
  • Provide consulting/advice

Remember to keep the experience meaningful and relevant to the donor.  Also, always connect the experience with the organization’s core mission.

Please leave a comment with your idea of how to engage donors in your organization – beyond board membership!

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