A Bad Idea.

And, it is destined to fail.

And, in the meantime, the bad idea will make your life miserable.

And, the bad idea will negatively impact others, too.

It doesn’t matter how well you can flesh out the bad idea.

It doesn’t matter how well you implement a bad idea.

It doesn’t even matter how well you dress up a bad idea.

It is just a bad idea:

  • Void of a feasibility study on its potential success
  • Not resonating with the most impacted people
  • Lacking buy-in from key stakeholders

It is just a bad idea.

And, in the nonprofit sector, bad ideas waste valuable staff and volunteer time, as well as precious financial resources.  Our mission-driven work is too important to be stuck in bad ideas.

So, what do you do with a bad idea? How do you make sure your nonprofit doesn’t get stuck on a bad idea?  Please leave a comment with your perspective!

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