Though I am not yet full energy post-surgery, I am glad to return to my regular blogging.  I enjoy sharing the latest research article, summarizing critical aspects of the latest hot topics, exploring a controversial issue, and updating on my professional advancements.  Needless to say, it’s good to be back!

Beginning my last semester of graduate school, I have the privilege of taking the Capstone Course – the culminating experience for the School of Public Environmental Affairs (SPEA) on IUPUI’s campus.  SPEA faculty have cultivated a unique relationship with the Mayor’s Office in Indianapolis.  Working in small groups of four to five, my classmates and I have the opportunity to address a special initiative – identified and requested by the mayor.

In starting this extensive group project, I pause to consider my priorities in a work environment.  For this semester-long task, group process and project management are key to success.

This is a critical process for nonprofit professionals.  Often, we are asked to explain our passions for specific missions, but what about our passions for certain circumstances?  What is important to you in a work place, considering the infrastructure/policy and the culture/norms?

Here are my priorities.  Please leave a comment to add to this list!

  1. Communication preferences are clearly explained and reasonable.  Am I able to get a hold of co-workers in a timely manner?
  2. Opportunities for growth are offered.  Can I cross-train for a new skill, shadow a different position, miss a morning for a local workshop, be reimbursed for a professional membership fee, read a book on the latest & greatest on the clock?
  3. Commitment is key.  Is there a standard of meeting stated goals?  Is a yes a true yes?
  4. Projects are designed wthinin practical limitations.  Are contraints of time and money considered fully?
  5. Collaboration is encouraged.  Do policies promote teamwork over individual achievement?

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