Last evening, my husband and I went out to the movies and saw a new release, Babies.  This unique film follows four babies, from birth to first steps.  The babies are from different parts of the world:  Tokyo, Namibia, Mongolia, and the United States.

In addition to being surprisingly entertaining, the movie reminded me of an important fact.  As humans, we are more alike than we are different.  Sure, I love to talk about cultural differences and celebrate diversity. But, we also share strong commonalites in the most basic human experiences.

So, next time when you are tempted to focus on what makes us so different – across age and generations, racial and ethnic groups, gender and sexual identity, experience and world view…remember this simple fact: we are all humans, seeking human connection.

Please know, however, that I am NOT suggesting a “colorblind” approach to issues of race.  Differences are real – both in the normative behavior typically displayed by the different cultural groups and in the mainstream societal treatment of the different cultural groups.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts. What is a basic human experience – common across all of humanity?

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