I just walked through a new building – an open house for a nonprofit in our neighborhood.

I really enjoyed learning about their mission, experiencing the place, and meeting more of the people.

Other people seemed to be really into it too:  asking questions, talking with people, and commenting on the importance of the work being done by this nonprofit.

Then we left.

And it was so strange.

They didn’t ask.

They didn’t ask for money.  They didn’t ask for clothing donations.  They didn’t ask for volunteers.

I think the nonprofit missed a real opportunity to engage people.

The people had learned of the open house.

Then the people had taken time to stop by the building on the open house day.

The people even stayed for tours, conversations, and learning.

And they asked questions, like:  how can I help, what do you need, and what can I do.

People were asking to be asked.

But the nonprofit didn’t ask.


So many times (in causes, in businesses, in life!), people are asking for us to ask them!

People want to be asked.

So next time you are wondering if you should ask, just remember:  people want to be asked.  And if you are paying attention:  they will show you that they want to be asked.


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