When I speak with friends and colleagues about my blog, I usually received mixed reactions.  Their responses usually begin with, “Oh, I could never do that.”  Then, they may express a variety of reasons:

  • “I’m not a strong writer.”
  • “I don’t have anything to say.”
  • “I doubt it would benefit my career.”
  • “I am too busy.”
  • “I don’t ‘get’ social media.”

While I do recognize that a blog is not for everybody, I do think there are many people who are currently not blogging who would be GREAT!  I think these individuals are missing out on some incredible opportunities.

Here’s a quick tool to see if you are ready.  If you agree with a majority of the statements listed, you should strongly consider starting a blog.

  1. I have knowledge and experience in a particular field.
  2. I am intentional about my professional development and invest time in it.
  3. I like to try new things.
  4. I understand that technology is “full steam ahead.”  If I don’t jump on board, I will just be left behind.
  5. I keep up with my field by reading publications and related news.
  6. I enjoy connecting with new people.

If these statements describe you, a blog may be for you!  I would encourage you to begin reading more blogs – about your particular niche area and about blogging/personal branding/social media.  You may also want to check out my blog post for the top 5 reasons to start a blog.

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