One of my current courses at SPEAIUPUI, Social Entrepreneurship, is challenging me to reconsider who and what is entrepreneurial!  Answer the questions below to determine if you are an entrepreneur:

  • Do you create NEW products, services, methods, organizations, and perspectives – that are DIFFERENT from what already exists?
  • Do you address economic inefficiency or social inequality and transform these circumstances into something BETTER?
  • Do you promote CHANGE?

You can be an entrepreneur, even if you don’t have a “patent pending” or haven’t started your own small business.  These are just stereotypical depictions.  Being an entrepreneur is about recognizing opportunity and leveraging the opportunity by organizing the appropriate resources.

Here’s something to think about, especially in relationship to the recent holiday.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was an entrepreneur!  He was striving for change:  new, different, better!  So, remember, you do not have to be financially-driven to be an entrepreneur.  Entrepreneurship is about exploiting an opportunity.  Money may not matter at all.

Please leave a comment with your story of something entrepreneurial you have achieved in your nonprofit career!

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